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Lviv, Ukraine

+420 776 473 907


Robert Youssef


Kyiv, Ukraine

+420 775 671 120

Liza Shovikova, Co-Founder, Donbass Ukraine.jpg

Liza Shovikova


Severodonetsk, Ukraine

+420 770 108 954


(Military Aid)

Prague, Czechia

+420 727 928 015

"I earned my Bachleor's degree in Marketing at University of New York in Prague, learning the necessary skills for developing and maintaining a successful international organization, as well as deployment of complex Marketing Strategies. My further Master's degree in Film Editing at FAMU, Prague reflects my deep passion for the visual arts, which I have currently paused now due to the war escalation in my home country. Now I dedicate myself full-time to Save Ukraine."

“After acquiring the Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning at the Architectural Institute in Prague I have been focused on further advancing my academic career. The devastating war in Ukraine is an urgent call for me to immediately utilize all the knowledge and skills in urban planning to engage in regeneration projects in Ukraine and contribute to refugee crisis solutions in EU. I am fully committed to the Save Ukraine Foundation’ mission to preserve the most valuable and vulnerable – the lives and the culture of peaceful Ukrainian people.”

"I moved to Prague in 2014 because of Russian-Ukrainian war. While making my bachelor and master degree in Architecture and Urban Planning I was participating in volunteer and architecture projects in Kyiv and Donbass, where I’m originally from.

Now I’m combining my main work as an architect in "Monom architecture" with Save Ukraine, as well as independently trying to equip as much military as possible"

"Aside from being an economics student, I work part-time with military equipment. This has given me an opportunity to quickly recognize and react to the Ukrainians’ needs for personal protection and other equipment. Once the idea of Save Ukraine started forming, I also got the chance to make use of my experience with financial institutions to help form a project that goes beyond bulletproof vests to encompass a much wider variety of humanitarian aid."





Lviv, Ukraine

+380 98 292 7338


Andriy Fedunyak

(Managing Director)


Lviv, Ukraine

+380 96 467 22 26


Mariya Vahila

(Humanitarian Aid)


Lviv, Ukraine

+380 96 561 79 52

Yacenko Viktoriya_2-min (1)_edited.jpg

(Assistant Volunteer)


Lviv, Ukraine

+380 93 844 9475

"I studied at the University of Warsaw, where I graduated from two departments of the Department of International Economics and Construction, and subsequently I successfully applied all my knowledge and skills in my own business. I worked mainly in the field of construction and founded several companies whose activities were focused on the import and export of goods. But when my homeland was ruthlessly attacked by enemies, I immediately redirected all my efforts to help compatriots. Many years of experience in business on the international scene have proved successful in organizing the import and distribution of humanitarian aid to those who need it. At the same time, I clearly realized that I had a duty to do everything in my power to ensure a safe base not only for Ukrainian civilians, but also for our army."

"Our team consists of high-ranking professionals who guard the interests of the public and actively contribute to building a European rule of law with democratic values. Today, there are more than 100 active members, successful lawyers, athletes, programmers and artists ... who once joined forces for the idea of building a strong civil society in Ukraine. The day the war began immediately defined the activities that our team would devote to the coming weeks and months. We have united even more and are actively helping every day on all fronts of public life, from the search for and distribution of humanitarian goods to the purchase of the necessary ammunition for our army. We believe that Ukraine will win!"

"My whole life has been closely linked to public service. After graduating from university, I worked for over 10 years at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, where I actively fought for the rights of children with disabilities and their right to study and socialization. Later, I was the head of the public relations department of the Lviv Regional State Administration, where I used my European experience with the openness and publicity of the government. I cannot believe the evil that "Russian peace" has brought to my country. All my thoughts and actions are aimed at alleviating the pain and grief of people who are forced to leave their homes and suffer from a lack of food, clothing and unworthy living conditions. I believe that, in the current situation, the provision of the necessary medicines to save the lives and health of Ukrainians is crucial. That is why I also took on this responsibility."

"I have been working in the organization for about six years. In my opinion, volunteering is not just about helping to solve or alleviate social problems. You voluntarily invest your time, effort and talent. The volunteer puts his efforts primarily into the future in which he believes. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, therefore, every Ukrainian has tried his best to protect his country from the Russian aggressor. That is why every day I try my best to help everyone who suffers as a result of this brutal attack."

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