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Save the Children. Save Ukraine.

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

After surviving the first month of invasion and showing a strong resistance, Ukrainians now clearly see the ungodliness and utter inhumanity in Russian army's military conduct which sees no end in sight, which calls only for more urgent Humanitarian Aid to be delivered as swiftly as possible. Regardless of agreements made with the Russian government, several humanitarian trucks have been fired at, numerous hospitals and refugee shelters were bombed, including a bomb shelter for children in Mariupol (as shown on the picture below). Such atrocious war crimes shall never be forgiven.

Save Ukraine calls for donations to collect 100 tonnes of Humanitarian Aid for children, mothers and civilian volunteers that are fully sacrificing their time to support the most fragile people in need. We aim to purchase big batches of hygiene kits, children's food, diapers, tampons, beverages, sleeping bags, canned soups, medicine and other items we can get our hands on as soon as possible. We are actively searching for new suppliers on a daily basis, however each day we run out of resources to keep collecting the necessary supplies.

Therefore, we ask for your help. We ask you, as a human being, to share the pain with us, and even if the monetary donation seems like too little - it is not.

Every single penny helps us to save our children, to save our country.

We will protect our country together. We will Save Ukraine.

To support Save Ukraine, visit the Donations page here:


As this satellite image taken on March 14, 2022 shows, an inscription on the pavement of Mariupol Drama Theatre saying "children" has been written in large letters,

before it was bombed by Russian forces.

Satellite image ©2022 Maxar Technologies.

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