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Our current mission: 2 humanitarian aid trucks to help people in Cherkasy

Updated: May 31, 2022

We have recently received very distressing news from people who fled the war in Kharkov to the region of Cherkasy. We have received a list of the most needed material for humanitarian aid: 1. baby diapers size 4-6 2. feminine hygiene 3. soaps and shampoos for children 4. detergents 5. toothpastes and other acute emergency needs.

Our mission at the moment is to raise funds - 100,000 CZK - for 2 trucks of humanitarian supplies to Cherkasy, where more than 100,000 people are currently displaced - we can help a significant number of women and children together.

These people - including babies, mothers and children - lack very basic needs

The request comes from Kyiv volunteer , a charitable organization uniting 26 restaurants and 3 bakeries providing nearly 13000 people with food on a daily basis - supplies go to healthcare institutions and maternity hospitals, orphanages and elderly people.

Below is the official request appealing for help from Kyiv Volunteer:

Appeal Letter for SU Prague from KV
Download PDF • 88KB

We are redirecting humanitarian aid from European partners to Ukraine and we are using the funds for fuel. Even a small donation counts! We appreciate any help received. Thank you for being with us - together for the people affected by the ruthless war.

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