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28 Uniforms sent to help our warriors

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Together with Historia Vita Foundation from Poland, we were able to raise money and purchase 28 pairs of British Military Mpt Multicam Shirts & Pants for our warriors. These MTP trousers are ideal for both cadets-in-training and members of the military who need comfortable, flexible, and camouflaging pants for when they’re out in the field.

These British Army trousers have a range of features to assist military personnel. Featuring mesh-lined pockets, angled map pockets, plus one rear pocket with a shrouded button, these MTP trousers make carrying small pieces of tactical kit simple. All pieces of garment, including MTP combat trousers, have to satisfy stringent UK military requirements. This covers infra-red reflection (IRR), thermal signature, and flame resistance.

All 28 pairs have been sent to Lviv to dress our warriors that trained for months to travel to the frontline and protect our land and freedom. Good luck in your fight and please come back home safe! Thank you to all the donors for supporting Save Ukraine ❤️

Signed document with Historija Vita for transportation of our uniforms:

Download PDF • 1.38MB

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